The Rod Jolley team brings together the skills of body builders, panel beaters, wing makers, fender manufacturers and wheelers - specialists in the art of classic car coachbuilding united by a love of the motor car.

At any one time the company has a succession of historic vehicle projects passing through the workshops, each project being worked on continually and moving from stage to stage without interruption or delay. Particular care is taken to maintain close contact with clients at every stage of a project to ensure that their vision is fulfilled. Clients are encouraged to visit and watch jobs progressing. This is an excellent way to maintain a working relationship, and enables any modifications to be thoroughly discussed and agreed. Careful project management ensures that the finished vehicle is on the road on time and on budget.

Design & Development | Ash Framing | Panel Beating and Body Work | Assembly and Finishing

For an insight into the Rod Jolley workshops take a look at our Photo Gallery - you will see many of the worlds great vintage and classic cars in various states of repair and restoration.